Stace England

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"Stace England is a musical chameleon. Whether it's a tender love song or an all-out rocker, England can effortlessly pull it off."

"Simply put, Lovey Dovey All The Time has a few of the catchiest, most impressive pop rock love songs of recent memory."

"There's no question what this album harkens to is the best of classic American pop rock. From ballads to driving numbers and insightful lyrics this album has it all and does it all well. If you really like classic American pop rock this is a must own album."

"Some day soon when file sharing kills all theme and concept records we're going to miss good ones like Lovey Dovey All the Time. Enjoy them while you can."


"A very impressive collection of romance influenced pop tunes."

"Pop lovers will enjoy this one."


"Lovey Dovey All The Time is an impressive collection of well-written songs about love from a guy who says that before this record, he had no success at writing a love song."
"Stace England has been creating music since the early '90s and has the genre badges to prove it. He has done country/roots, aggressive folk, and alt/slasher/country-rock. The question that probably comes to mind after hearing that list is "When is this guy going to make an album about love?" Well, meet Lovey Dovey All The Time. Although England initially felt that crafting an entire record of love songs was somewhat ridiculous, he pulled it off. England sings with a whiny twang that was probably perfected sometime during his country music days. Although the idea of a whiny twang may not seem enticing, his voice is never overwhelming and his vocal melodies blend well with his music, most of which leans heavily toward a 1950s proto-rock sound. A few tunes stray from the standard rock format, and those stand out; "Glen Miller", for instance, is a stripped-down tune about the memory of a past love that England has associated with Glen Miller. It is sweet, delicate like sushi and will make you think of a person who gave you something worth remembering. Experimenting with love songs may be a ridiculous exercise, but England did a damn good job."
"Enormously diverse, there still is a common denominator for Stace England's Peach Blossom Special-Southern California. Much of the new CD by this erstwhile singer/songwriter features that wondrous combination of pop harmonies, country, folk and art rock textures . . . the genius is making it feel good, not just once, but repeatedly."
"Instantly a favorite, Stace England's Peach Blossom Special is a very well constructed studio album with a sound reminiscent of The Byrds Sweetheart of the Rodeo. Highlights include a DEEP spoken word track called Ten Dollar Whore, which remains thoroughly engrossing after multiple listens. It's a diverse, excellent record."
"Stace England touches on the heart and soul of America with his poignant lyrics about roadside shrines, trailers, 40 ouncers, and love gone bad. Part pop, country, folk and spoken word as well, this is Americana at it's best."