Stace England

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More even than Ry Cooder studied part of the history of Chávez Ravine in Los Angeles, Stace England tells the entire history of Cairo, a divided city in the American Midwest. After digging for treasure he recovers the background of a large number of persons, places and events. He recounts on his second CD, Greetings From Cairo, Illinois stories about traveling to town, rough women (women in Cairo send you down to your grave), discrimination, the civil war, migration, education fights, election fraud and the social impact of "progress.”  A true musical chameleon, he uses multiple music styles, namely gospel, blues, rock, country, pop and 1970s soul. More than 50 different musicians assist on the side, with the most well known being Jason Ringenberg.  An extraordinary book provides a synopsis of each song, the time in which it takes place and it’s place in the cycle. Moreover still the book is completed with drawings and photographs. A concept record that proves history does not need to be boring.
 - Peter Pleyte